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Company Profile

About CHAO

Established in 2008 and headquartered in Kingkong Intellectual Technology Park, Taiwan. Chao-young has passed ISO 9001 and cooperated with plenty well-known suppliers which allows us retain new high-tech product information. Chao-young is devoted to providing high quality, high performance products and modification maintenance service to Technology and Electronics Industry.

Since 2016, Chao-Young began to develop UV+O3 sterilization system. In 2018, we successfully obtained product design patent and introduced the system in domestic and foreign well-known Technology and Electronics Industry. Now our sterilization system is accounted for over 55% of Taiwan market share.

In 2019, Chao-Young set up a semiconductor department, officially cross-footed semiconductor industry, and has obtained TSMC supplier qualification.

After years of hard working, Chao-Young has been highly praised in the leading enterprises of semiconductor and LCD panel factories and deeply trusted by customers. In the future, Chao-Young will also abide by the insistence on " Quality, Professionalism, and Innovation ", and strive for perfection, so as to improve the needs of all customers and create a better future.


Good reputation, with long-term and stable agency and supply partnerships with major well-known enterprises and manufacturers.


With the ability of independent development, our own brand products have been highly praised.


Adhering to the spirit of "Quality, Professionalism, and Innovation", we provide interesting solutions to the needs of all our customers.

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